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02/13/2019 Let’s Just Wing It!

Do you have a need to speak with an employee about an incident? Make a correction on an action taken that wasn’t perhaps the best choice? Call a patient to discuss a bill that they don’t want to pay? Or, explain complicated insurance to an elderly patient who just doesn’t understand? The best outcome in all of these situations is for the person on the receiving end to “get it” or fully comprehend the points you are trying to make. And that isn’t going to happen if you just step up to the plate and swing that bat. You need to prepare sufficiently so you are relatively assured of the outcome. Have the conversation with yourself in your head before you approach the other person. Try out your arguments on a peer or even in your bathroom mirror. Record your commentary using your phone and then play it back to listen to what you are saying. Each of these ideas and anything else you do to research and prep will allow you to speak more concisely, have organized thoughts and appear more confident when you do have that talk. So never “wing it." You want to appear the ultimate expert when you address your team.  

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