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Submitted by: Kelly Ladd, COPM
As we all make our New Year resolutions, weight loss and living a healthy life are generally at the top of the list. Many insurance carriers now have some type of “Healthy Program” that gives employees rewards for meeting goals such as weight loss, lower cholesterol, biometric screenings, and others. However, did you know that you can use these programs to negotiate better premium rates for your practice? If your carrier has a “Healthy Rewards Program,” you may be able to begin negotiations for next year. Ask your carrier if they will incentivize your practice with reduced premiums and what the participation requirements are. After my practice's first year of implementation, we saved 15% of their employee-only premiums the second year, which was huge - we have more than 72 insured employees who participate. This year, we had to ask employees to pay 15% of their employee only premiums due to excessively higher premium rates experience throughout the country. However, we also implemented a program within the “Healthy Rewards” that encouraged employee participation by earning the premium discounts. Basically everyone starts out a Level 1 and for each Level earned, the employee earns a discount on their portion of the premium. We give this discount back to the employees. Once the employee reaches Level 3, the practice pays 100% of the premium. It is a win-win for all involved: As a group we are showing a healthier population, which keeps our insurance rates down, and as employees, we have enjoyed friendly competitions and share in the overall excitement of meeting our goals.

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