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The Link Hearing Campaign
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Welcome to The Link!

The goal of this AOA-supported program is to increase awareness of the link between comorbid conditions impacting hearing, thus helping to drive a consistent flow of referrals from primary care physicians.

  • Educating primary care physicians (PCPs) on these associations can increase patient access to quality hearing healthcare and, as a result, lead to more referrals to your practice and additional revenue opportunities.
  • Approximately 15% of all hearing aid sales in the U.S. are the result of a physician referral to a hearing healthcare provider.
  • With an increase in referrals from PCP's, you will be able to provide benefits to their patients and ultimately grow your practice.
  • These proven strategies will help you develop new relationships with PCP's in your area.


We are re-working this program and will update this page with ordering instructions in 2019. The below information will remain on this website for the remainder of 2018, as a reference for those that have purchased the program.


When you order you will receive an email with electronic files and a packet/kit will be mailed to you, containing professional copies of the handouts so you can get started with your outreach program.

Here's what you'll get via EMAIL:

Program rationale and step-by-step instructions

Use to educate physician(s) to better understand the goals of the program and rationale.

Layman's terms sheets for each condition, for you to use internally

We're providing these sheets (8 in total) for you to use internally in order to better understand (and speak to) the condition that you're approaching the physician(s) about.

Letter Templates

You will receive two letter templates total, in Word format, so that you can customize to your practice to use when contacting physicians.

Here's what you'll get in the MAIL:

Comorbid condition handouts

There are eight comorbid condition handouts in total (25 copies each).

  • Healthy Hearing & Aging
  • Healthy Hearing & Cardiovascular Disease
  • Healthy Hearing & Cognitive Decline
  • Healthy Hearing & Diabetes
  • Healthy Hearing & Noise Exposure
  • Healthy Hearing & Ototoxicity
  • Healthy Hearing & Smoking
  • Healthy Hearing & Tinnitus
You will also receive 1 additional hard-copy of Layman's term for each condition and Program Rationale and Step-by-Step instructions 

Optional item included with your purchase (via request):

  • Once you order, you will be provided with the contact person who can work with you to customize a brochure to your practice. You must initiate the request to the contact person and - if you choose to utilize this option - you will be provided with an electronic copy of the customized brochure. Printed copies are available for an additional cost.

Learn More

To learn more about The Link, view the webinar recording where Stuart Lyon walks through the process and demonstrates how to use the kit. He introduces the kit's customizable templates, and explains how to develop the program, with the goal of increasing referrals to practices.


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