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Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management (COPM)
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Congratulations to all of our COPM Designees!

View the list of all the professionals who have earned this esteemed designation.

Do you work for a company that supports ENT practices?
The COPM-C (Corporate) designation is for you! 

Visit our COPM-C web page for details. 

Mission Statement

The Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management (COPM) defines the knowledge required to successfully manage today’s otolaryngology practice.

Vision Statement

The Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management (COPM), sponsored by the Administrator Support Community for ENT (ASCENT), is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated mastery of core competencies specific to Otolaryngology Practice Management. The COPM certification signifies success in a leadership role and the ability to manage a practice in the most professional and resourceful manner.

The COPM is designed for management professionals who work in an ENT practice.

Advisory Board

The COPM Advisory Board is the sole organizing body whose responsibility is to develop, implement and monitor the COPM program. The COPM Advisory Board is composed of leaders in the field who hold the COPM designation, and the board is approved by the ASCENT Executive Committee.

Advisory Board members

Chair: Danielle DeMaio-DeAngelis, COPM
Deputy Chair: Kristine McGriff, COPM
Stacey Conant, COPM
Joanne Gauthier, COPM
Sarah Laughlin, COPM-C
Robin Wagner, COPM



Benefits of Certification

  • Sustaining excellence in lifelong learning of otolaryngology practice management
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Demonstration of your commitment to your profession
  • Increased value to your patients, physicians and staff
  • Professional development that increases knowledge of all aspects of otolaryngology management
  • Formal recognition of your accomplishment
  • Authority to use the COPM designation

Steps to obtain Your COPM

  1. Complete and submit your online application. The fee to apply is $25.    
  2. Prepare for the Exam. We recommend that you:
    • Purchase the Resource Manual and Study Notes. Note: the 2019 Resource Manual will be out in early 2019. Anyone who has purchased the 2016 version will get a discount on the updated manual.
    • Join the online COPM Study Group within engagemENT.
    • Take the FREE Self-Assessment Exam to evaluate your readiness. You can use this practice exam multiple times.
  3. Register for the Exam.
    • Go to the ASCENT Store to register and we'll contact you (during regular business hours) with the online code you'll need to take the exam - using your computer - at a time convenient for you.
  4. You're allotted four hours to take the 150-question exam. You must answer 106 questions correctly to pass. Good luck!

Feel free to contact us with inquiries.

10 Weeks to Success

Listed below is a suggested timeline to allow you to pace your review activities when studying for the COPM exam.

We are launching a 10-week online study group on engagemENT from January-March 2019. If you are an ASCENT member, you can view the conversation to help prepare for and pass the COPM exam.


Topics Covered


Intro & Study Tips / Basic ENT


Finance Part 1 Review


Finance Part 2 Review


Marketing Review


Operations Review


Operations Review


Operations Review


Technology Review


Human Resources Review


Human Resources Review


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