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COPM-C Re-Certification
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To maintain COPM-C status, COPM-C professionals must recertify every two years. The recertification supports on-going practice management work experience and professional development. 

Requirements to Recertify as COPM-C 

  • Adhere to the code of ethics (below). 
  • Report continuing education units. 
  • Submit the annual assessment fee ($250).

Code of Ethics

  • Maintain honesty and integrity in all relationships with ENT customers, prospective customers and colleagues and continually work to earn their trust and respect.
  • Accurately represent your products or services to the best of your ability in a manner that places ENT customer or prospective customer in a position that benefits both.
  • Respect and protect the proprietary and confidential information entrusted to you by your company and your customers and not engage in activities that may conflict with the best interests of your customers or your company.
  • Continually upgrade your knowledge of your products/services, skills and your industry.
  • Respect your ENT competitors and their products and services by representing them in a manner that is honest, truthful and based on accurate information that has been substantiated.
  • Endeavor to engage in business and selling practices that contribute to a positive relationship with the ENT community.
  • Promote the ENT communities and educational resources in a positive and professional manner. 

Recertification Can Be Accomplished One of Two Ways 

  1. Obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) – 30 CEUs every 2 years -- OR
  2. Re-take the current exam and receive a passing score 
Recertification by CEU 
  • A CEU is defined as one (1) contact hour of participation in an organized continuing education experience, excluding meals and breaks.
  • CEUs submitted should demonstrate an overall education format representing the COPM-C competencies:
    • Basic Otolaryngology Knowledge
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Technology
    • Human Resources
  • It is the designee's responsibility to track and document their CEU activity and enter them into the ASCENT website.
  • COPM-C designees are encouraged to earn 15 CEUs per year in order to reach the recertification requirement of 30 CEUs every 2 years 

Logging Your CEUs Online

  • Obtain certificate of attendance for each CEU activity. When a certificate of attendance is not made available, obtain documentation of registration, agenda, etc.
  • Log your CEUs on the ASCENT website. Here's how:
    • Login to the website
    • Under My Profile in the blue box, select Manage Profile
    • Under Content & Features, select Professional Development
    • Click the Journal Entries tab
    • Click Add Entry
    • Complete all the fields and be sure to enter the expiration date for your credits or the system won't recognize your credits as being eligible to be a part of your required 30 credits.
      • Recertification is based on calendar year. If you became COPM-C certified in 2019 - no matter which month or day - your recertification is due at the end of 2021. We recommend that you input 12/31/21 as the expiration for the credits you input for this time frame's recertification.
      • Within the "Attachments" field, please upload any CEU certificate(s) you've received or other documentation supporting your entry.
    • Submit the form once complete
    • Your entry will now be listed on the Journal Entries page
    • Continue adding entries as you receive CEUs. All entries will be reviewed and the status will be changed to "Approved" when the review is complete.
    • Please notify the ASCENT office once all of your CEUs have been entered and you're ready for us to perform a final review and approve your recertification completion.
    • Upon approval of your recertification, you will receive an updated COPM certificate. You will then begin the process to complete your recertification in another two years.
Recertification by Re-examination

COPM-C designees may re-take the COPM-C exam, within one year prior to certification expiration, in lieu of completing CEUs. For example, if your certification expires at the end of 2020, you need to pass the exam in 2020. The exam can be taken at any time throughout the year on your own computer at your convenience. You can also take the exam at the ASCENT Annual Educational Conference. A passing score must be achieved in order to obtain recertification. Please contact the ASCENT Office if you would like to take the exam in order to re-certify.


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