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Committee Information
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Chair: Kevin Watson
Deputy:  Barry Hubert
ASCENT Office Liaison: Robin Wagner

Description: This committee is the sounding board of governmental mandates, insurance issues and call to actions. The committee conducts monthly conference calls to discuss the current issues and ideas for the newsletter, ENT Voice. Additionally, forward information to the ASCENT Office when seeing any new government or insurance mandates and issues.

Time Commitment:
one hour per month for a conference call and then if writing an editorial or creating something for the ENT Voice, it would require additional time.

COPM Advisory Board 

Chair: Danielle DeMaio-DeAngelis, COPM
Deputy: Kris McGriff, COPM
ASCENT Office Liaison: Marcus Dean

Description: Committee members must have their COPM. The committee develops and maintains certification programs, administers COPM and COPM-C examinations, reviews current examination questions - revises as needed and writes new exam questions. Participates in annual recertification reviews. Participates and may be asked to facilitate study groups (on-line and at annual meeting). Committee reviews speaker proposals for the annual meeting and determines program content, i.e., speakers and topics.  

Time Commitment:
The committee has a 5-day board meeting once per year at a time designated convenient for the board (usually in January). During this time, they revise the examinations, review text questions, revise the resource manual and determine the annual meeting content. Additionally, they meet monthly via conference call and work on educational assignments as necessary. Minimum of 3 hours per month in addition to the board meeting.

Education Committee

Chair: Danielle DeMaio-DeAngelis, COPM
Deputy: Kris McGriff, COPM
ASCENT Office Liaison: Marcus Dean

Description: This committee is responsible for the development and scheduling of webinars, on topics covering a broad spectrum of medical practice, but as specifically as possible to ENT. This also involves acquiring speakers and presenters for the webinars. This committee develops AOA University modules as well as the ASCENT Resource Manual. The committee works closely with the Program Committee in planning the concurrent educational sessions and speakers for the annual educational conference.

Time Commitment:
This committee requires a one hour conference call per month plus any assignments based on the call. 


Chair: Lesli Todd
Deputy: Deborah Hardway
ASCENT Office Liaison: Allison McIntosh

Description: The membership committee meets monthly to discuss ideas to increase new members and retain existing members. Additionally, they are responsible for the State Representative reporting and making sure the State Representatives have the materials and training needed to be successful.

Time Commitment:
 The committee has a one hour conference call per month plus any assignments based on that call. 

Program Committee

Co-Chair:  Stacey Conant
Co-Chair: Sara Page
ASCENT Office Liaisons: Robin Wagner

Description: Provide ideas on keynote speakers and networking activities at the annual meeting including evening night out. At the annual meeting, provide assistance as needed with meeting activities. Works closely with the ASCENT Executive Director and the ASCENT office.

Time Commitment:
The committee has a one hour conference call per month plus any assignments based on that call. At the meeting, committee members are asked to provide additional volunteer help.

State Representatives

Managed by the Membership Committee

Description: The purpose of the state representatives program is to identify both member and non-member practices within their state and reach out to them to make sure they understand the resources and value available to them as an ASCENT member.  

Time Commitment:
 The state representative should spend one hour per month reaching out to both members and non-members. Intermittent phone conferences will be set up for orientation and to discuss issues and best practices as a state rep. Additionally, once per month a report will be made available to the membership committee with updates and progress, which should take approximately 15 minutes. 


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Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone: 412-243-5156
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