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Otolaryngology Coder
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A complete otolaryngology coding resource designed to support your practice’s accuracy and compliance goals 



Otolaryngology Coder

is a comprehensive medical coding resource that includes innovative code search, compliance, and cross reference tools, as well as Otolaryngology Coding Alert -- articles and archives -- and the Otolaryngology Survival Guide. Otolaryngology Coder is a must-have resource for otolaryngology practices.



Code Search
  • Simultaneously search across all four code sets — CPT®, HCPCS II, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM — using just a few keywords.

  • SuperCoder’s advanced search mechanism delivers optimal code results.

  • Get auto suggestions when you search for a code or keyword

Coding and Compliance Tools
  • LCD LookupThis tool instantly delivers the ICD-9-CM codes your contractor allows for a given CPT® or HCPCS code.
  • NCDsSafeguard your payments with National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) listed for each of the 62 policies that include ICD-9 codes. When an NCD is available, you will see the NCD tab on a HCPCS or CPT code’s details page under Compliance Tools.
  • 7-in-1 Fee Schedule: Instantly view fee schedule data for your code, including specifics from MPFS, CLAB, ASP, AWP, and DMEPOS.
  • CCI Edits Checker: Choose from the most recent CCI edits or past versions to quickly check allowed CPT® and HCPCS code combinations, sorted by RVUs.
  • CMS 1500 Scrubber: Check codes for CCI edits, CPT inclusions, Modifier allowances, MUEs and more so you can correct the claim before it goes to the clearinghouse.
Upcoming and

Historical Information

  • View any code changes for current year as well as historical information on code creation and revision.
  • Modifier Crosswalk: Check the modifiers which are allowed with CPT®, HCPCS, and ASA. 
  • CPT®-HCPCS Crosswalk: Identify drugs, supplies, etc., associated with a CPT® code, allowing you to claim deserved reimbursement.
  • CPT®-ICD-9 Crosswalk: Correctly pair your ICD-9-CM and CPT® codes to ensure promptly paid claims and safeguard yourself from audits.
  • NDC↔CPT/HCPCS CrossRef: Instantly access Medicare Part B information.
  • ICD-10 Crosswalk:  Convert your most frequently-reported ICD-9-CM codes to ICD-10-CM — and even superbills using the same crosswalk.
  • PQRS Crosswalk: Quickly see PQRS measures associated with ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT®, and HCPCS codes.
Detailed Code Information
  • See the official code descriptor for the code you searched.

  • Get lay term explanations about code usage, documentation needs, and modifier use from the Coding Institute experts.

  • Chapter- and section-specific guidelines are all pulled onto code level so you never miss a vital instruction.

Expert Guidance 


  • Get a monthly Otolaryngology Coding Alert newsletter that delivers the latest updates and insights directly from the Coding Institute.



Otolaryngology Coder Benefits:
  • Enhanced Code Search Capabilities: With SuperCoder’s innovative search feature, you quickly pinpoint the appropriate code.

  • Achieve Compliance: The available compliance tools help you file correct claims with confidence.

  • Combat Denials and Maximize Reimbursement: With more precise code search and compliance tools, you won’t miss out on payment opportunities. The result is more revenue for your practice.

  • Earn CEUs: Your Otolaryngology Coder subscription helps you meet your CEU requirements. You can earn up to 38 AAPC-approved CEUs at no extra cost.

Take advantage of this coding and compliance resource made specifically for otolaryngology practices!


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